Surfboard cam footage with the GoPro Surf Hero camera

Some of you may have noticed the introduction of these tiny new cameras from Go Pro. Weighing in at only a couple of ounces, the cameras are about 2 inches square in size and come in their own tiny water housing, complete with a 170 degree fisheye lens. There’s more, You can fit the cameras to the nose of your surfboard and film with it. With a fresh set of batteries, and a 2 GB SD card, the camera will shoot continuous video up to a 56 minute burst or you can simply turn it on off and on when waves are coming. Alternatively, the camera will shoot a five megapixel frame every 2 or 5 seconds in auto photo mode. If your handholding the camera, you can also do 3 shot bursts on it. Here is some video that I shot of some of the Rip Curl surfers; Jean de Silva from Brasil and Kyle Ramey and Koa Smith from Kaui. All one afternoon at pretty small Off The Wall. These cameras are a lot of fun and super affordable at around $160 USD. The music on this video is by a bunch of my friends called the OHM tribe and the track is called Space Trash. Enjoy!


P.S. You can also find out more about Go Pro cameras by visiting.

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