Real Life parallels to being a freelance photographer, these days

MY photog’ buddy in Oz; Scotty Needham just forwarded this link to me at Just about anyone who freelances in this world has been taking a hit over the past few years and it aint any different in the surf industry world, let me tell you folks. The number of times that you’ll seal a deal these days, only to then lose it because of statements like “Oh, it’s not in our budget” or “We only have fraction of that amount available” Sound familiar to all you freelancers out there? yeah?…… Now imagine if we went about our normal daily routines, acting the same way and expecting the same deals from those that we deal with on a daily basis. How absurd does it all look. Will freelance photographers ever be taken seriously again? Food for thought folks.


4 Responses to “Real Life parallels to being a freelance photographer, these days”

  1. ryan says:

    Mate, this video is golden. That’s exactly the way we get treated ( I’m a video guy) and it’s out of control. Thanks for posting it up Sean, good work brother.

  2. mark onorati says:

    I shouldn’t be laughing, but…True & Gold

  3. Bobby Schutz says:

    Sean – you are my hero of Surf Photography for real! Brah, that video was so true. Tell it like it is. Thanks for all your hard work and contributions to the guys who make the surf industry shine! Aloha.

  4. Joe McGovern says:

    Sean, so true! I laughed ’til I cried! Seems I should ad some XXL muscle to my negotiating team.

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