Consolidated Amusements Hawaii has the best theatrical trailer in the world

Just about anyone who’s been to a few movies in Hawaii is familiar with the cool traditional Hawaiian style theatrical trailer that they show before every major feature at Consolidated Amusements theaters. I’ve been living here for 12 years now and I always enjoy watching the trailer before the film. Come to think of it, Its about the only regular trailer that I’ve ever liked, so that’s how cool it is. I dunno what it is exactly about the trailer, but I watching it gives me a feeling of state pride and an appreciation for this magical place called Hawaii and it’s unique culture. I just happened to be looking for something today on line and found a reference to this video on you tube. Check it out. It’s the trailer…..

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  1. Denise says:

    Please don’t ever take this down from your website. I just recently moved from Hawaii after living there for 34+ years. (I had to move due to the high cost of living expecially when coupled together with the lower salaries.)

    I’ve always loved this trailer. In fact just this past Friday I was remembering and missing it when I went to the movies that day.

    Now I know there’s a place where I can watch it anytime I want. It’s truly a beautiful trailer. Mahalo!


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