1 on 1 Photo workshops and Consultation

I’m opening my knowledge to those who wish to better their skills or just learn some cool new photographic techniques. I’m a veteran of the surf world which just also happens to be one of the most innovative areas in the photography scene. During my time as a magazine photographer, I have secured more than 140 magazine covers from all over the world. Actual number of published images, I could not tell you. I’ve seen a lot of innovation over the years and I’ve got quite a few tricks up my own sleeve that so far remain my own. I’ve always loved the idea of doing something a little different. I live on the north shore, the most photographed the surf zone on the planet. You need to be innovative to be able to dish up images that thrill magazine editors and photo buyers alike. The one thing that they always love are the images that no one else has. This takes the willingness to throw away perfectly good imageopportunities, in the quest of producing truly individual pictures. Actually going out of your way to ensure that your images will be unique beyond others. It could be the simple use of a neutral density filter over the sky, or a massively slow shutter speed. There are all kinds of ways to produce strikingly original imagery. Every day here is different and with each day the options change. Luckily, there are many different ways that I go about photographing, each relying on a different set of weather and/or ocean conditions. My classes are deliberately small and personal, to ensure a high level of skill is actually passed on to each participant. The added advantage also for having such small groups is that I can personalize my lessons to the individual, so if for example, you wanted to learn specifically about a certain type of shooting or approach, we can just zero straight in on that. If however, you’ve come to learn fresh new approaches to your photography, you’ll also walk away, well armed with renewed enthusiasm and a whole fresh perspective of photography

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