Kickin’ it in Tonga, without a care in the world

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This is a picture from one of a few a trips that I’ve made to the kingdom of Tonga over the years. I got to know Steve Burling many years ago who owns a low key, family orientated
surf resort on the main island in the kingdom of Tonga . it’s an amazingly relaxing place to visit. As you can see, the accomodations at Ha’atafu Beach cool and relaxed. Everyone pretty much gets their own fale or they share with a buddy. It’s a pretty idealic setup. These hut’s known as Fale’s are set up right on the beach, so you only need, grab your surfboard , paddle 3 minutes across the lagoon and before you know it, your surfing some of the clearest tubing waves , you’ve ever seen. It’s pretty cool. If you wanna know more about Ha’atafu Beach , send an email to:

A guest fale at Ha'atafu Beach Resort, Tonga

A guest fale at Ha'atafu Beach Resort, Tonga

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