The long wait

It is now November the 18th which is well and truly inside of the normal window for big surf in Hawaii.
Typically at this time of the year, you’d be looking at 10 feet plus of raw ocean swell, but this year, it has struggled so far to get beyond a couple of feet. The Reef Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa beach park has been on hold since day one and may not even run with the way things are heading. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of out-of-towners all here right now for the surf contest season and most of them have not even managed to get a decent surf in yet. Word is peeps are getting stir crazy along the north shore, with no waves on offer. Parties must be going into overdrive every night for sure. Worse still is that the experts see no signs of improvement in the near future. Kind of makes me stoked to be leaving for Oz


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