A loss in the family.

I had a sudden unexpected departure of a dearly beloved family member today; My much loved Canon 5D MKII met it’s unfortunate demise this morning along with my much also beloved Tokina zoom fisheye lens and in rather benine flat water location sitting just below the surface of the water, photographing Hawaiian sea turtles. It turned out that my water housing had taken a bit of a hit during transport and one of the controls was damaged which ultimately led to a leak. Best camera, I ever owned. I’ll miss that camera…..

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  1. OMG – I know the feeling of heartache. My Canon 20D became the victim of a stampeding wedding party a couple of years ago and I recall the incident with dread – fortunately my 70-200IS 2.8 lived to capture another day.
    Hope you had insurance!

  2. admin says:

    yes I do have, but still waiting to collect….

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