Shark attack victim is a champ

Hannah Mighall, peers through the large shark bite in her surfboard.

Some of you may have heard about the 13 year old Tasmanian girl who was attacked by a 5-6 meter great white shark on the east coast of Tasmania back in January this year. I happened to meet her quite by chance just a couple of days ago and she showed me the remains of her surfboard. Judging by the bite in the surfboard, the shark must have been a submarine of a thing. The girl who’s name is Hannah Mighall impressed me with her attitude. Certainly she doesn’t hold it against the shark at all and pretty much put’s it down to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Apparently the shark had her in it’s mouth and was shaking her around, much like a pet dog does with it’s favourite toy. For some reason, the shark let go and her cousin: Syb Mundy, who happened to be surfing near her, placed her on his back and paddled back to shore, all the while with the shark following closely. The shark was so determined to follow, that it ended up being almost beached in the shallow water near the shoreline before finally turning around and heading back out to sea. My hat go’s off to Hannah Mighall because she has even gone surfing again despite more than 200 stitches from the attack and plans to be a marine biologist. Now that’s a great fighting spirit, if ever I heard of one. Hats off to Syb Mundy as well for saving Hannah and fighting the shark off, each time it went for them.

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