Shipsterns shines again

It’s now the 17th and I’ve already moved on to the final stage of my trip, up here on King Island. But before I left, I managed to squeeze in a couple of shoots at the always amazing Shipstern Bluff. There were a few name surfers from out of town like Jamie Obrien, Ryan Hipwood and Andrew Mooney, but the local boys held their own with the best of ‘em. Here, I present a gallery of pics from the sessions. These are of course not my best shots. I kept those for the magazines, but you’ll still enjoy these, all the same. I even captured a local guy by the name of Dom, who had the balls to bodysurf 2 set waves. (one of them in this pictorial. Total legend!!!

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  1. John MacLean says:

    #2 of 9 is really cool looking, and they all are sweeeet.

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