Beautiful King Island

Hi all, I just got back to Hawaii. Man I was tired when I arrived yesterday morning. I was seated in probably the worst seat of the entire plane. Yep, right in the middle, directly under the bright projection screen AND with a big guy on either side of me, so it was a constant battle for elbow space.
The night before was my bro’s 50th birthday bash in melbourne, so yeah, I was dog tired when I got off the plane.
Those of you who have followed my trip through Tasmania, will know that I was just visiting King Island, located in Bass Strait, about halfway between Tasmania and Bells beach. I love this place. It’s roughly the same area of land as Oahu, but with only 1400 people. Oahu on the other hand is over a million with half that many visitors each year. This was my 15th or 16th trip to King island and as usual, it put on all kinds of atmospheric displays. The waves here are great on the right days, but it’s just as much the atmospherics that I love about the island. Here are some moments from my recent visit and to all the good people on King Island, thank you all for your generous and friendly spirit. It’s what makes King Island such a great place. For those of you, interested in visiting, make your way to Tullamarine airport in Melbourne Australia, then catch a flight with REX ( REX’s website ) to Currie on King Island. I highly recommend that you hire a car, so that you can take in all the beautiful natural panavistas. Get in touch with Hank or Nadine at King Island Car Rental by sending them an email at: Email They are great folks and will look after you really well.


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