5 iconic surf images from the archive

Massive set of <a href=

huge waves at Pipeline

All pistons firing – The first of 5 iconic surf images; I photographed this image a few years back and have never seen a similar opportunity since. Usually when there is a set of large waves at Pipeline, they are finished out the back, by the time they start to filter into the inside, but in this case, there was a mighty three day run of swell and this image was the result of set of about a dozen waves all at once. A truly unique moment that I’ve never seen since.

Longboard legend; Herbie Fletcher, seen from behind the curtain.

Hangin’ five – Longboard surfing legend; Herbie Fletcher riding the nose of his longboard at Ehukai, photographed from under water with a fisheye lens.

Underwater view of <a href=

surfers sitting above the reef at Pipeline

Pipe Reef
This is an eye-opening underwater view of the dangerous reef at Pipeline, with the surfers sitting on the surface, while they wait for waves.

A huge Kona <a href=

Surfer Sunset
When the trade winds stop here in Hawaii, we get Volcanic ash locally referred to as VOG building up in the atmosphere, courtesy of the Big Island of Hawaii. when this happens, it makes the sun turn a deep red and sometimes even appear a little larger. This was a kona sunset with a pair of surfers in the foreground at Sunset beach.

Big wave surfing on the north shore. Big wave surfing on the north shore.

An amazing huge wave being ridden by big wave legend; Darrick Doener on the outer reefs of Oahu.


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