Did you surf Waimea on the 5th and the 7th of December?

I’ve had numerous surfers ask me about getting pictures from the Waimea sessions on the 5th and the 7th of december, right before the Eddie, so I went through all the pictures (and there’s a lot) and I placed a large gallery of images on my print site for you to look at. Normally when I place images on this site, they are immediately printable, but because of the huge number of images in this particular case, I only placed viewing images on line. If you want any of the images to print, just fire an email off to fineart@seandavey.com, making sure to note down the the image numbers that you are interested in receiving. These prices are for print files, only to be printed for personal use. Absolutely NO commercial use of these images, what-so-ever.

The digital file prices are as follows:

____________________1 print file_______4 files_______6 files_______8 files______10 files

8 x 10 print file:………..$20.00 ea______$60.00______$80.00______$90.00_____$100.00

12 x 18 inch print file:…$25.00 ea______$80.00______$110.00____$120.00____$130.00

20 x 30 inch print file:…$30.00 ea______$90.00______$130.00____$140.00____$150.00

If you want to get straight to the point and place an order straight away, you can go to
Paypal.com and make payment to sales@seandavey.com, making sure to note the image numbers and required print or print file size of each.


If you require Prints: I offer the following only:

____________________1 print___________3-6 prints______6-10 prints____10 or more

8 x 10 inch print:……..$40.00 ea_______$30.00 ea_______$25.00 ea_____$20.00 ea

12 x 18 inch print…….$60.00 ea_______$50.00 ea_______$45.00 ea_____$40.00 ea

* Plus $10.00 p&H on 8×10 inch prints and $15.00 on 12 x 18 inch prints.

Waimea surf gallery from 5th and 7th of December, 2009

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