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19 transormational moments from my career as a photographer of surf.

Mark Richards speed blur at Tamarama, Sydney, mid 80's

I often work with a handful of surf websites these days and one of the quality ones from the US is These guys have a lot of really good quality reading and just about always have really great photography The Inertia‘s a classy site full of very good content. The fellas over there hit [...] – Sean’s best surf line-ups

The Inertia_Amazing Line Ups

The fast growing surf website known as just published a feature on some of the best surf line-ups from my vast collection of images, garnered from more than 20 years of traveling as a photographer for magazines all over the world. This collection features many of the best most iconic surf lineups that I [...]

Banyan Surfer

Banyan Surfer 24 x 40 inch canvas

This is a fairly recent creation that has already picked up a fair bit of attention and a few sales. I was moved to photograph this picture of a Banyan tree in Honolulu one afternoon. So many roots growing around the outside of this tree gave it a very unusual look, which in turn inspired [...]

Gold Nugget – Surf art canvas

Gold Nugget  40x60 inch Triptych

From my new shadow land series, this is Gold Nugget. I photographed this on what was probably the biggest day that I have ever seen at Waimea Bay. I photographed this image late in the day, not long before sunset and there was this pulse of really BIG waves that plowed through the lineup and [...]

Fins n’ Palms – surf art

Fins n' Palms  20 x 40 inch canvas

I photographed this cool silhouetted surf truck with surfboards against the backdrop off a ton of palm trees near Haleiwa one evening. I’ve always loved silhouettes and loads of color, so a picture like this speaks volumes to me. I offer custom printing in Canvas and ultra premium gloss paper across a wide range of [...]

The Surf Universe loses one of it’s most beloved; Montgomery “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani

Buttons proof sheet

The Surf Universe loses one of it’s most beloved; Montgomery “Buttons” Kaluhiokalani

Banyan Surfer from Shadow land

Banyan Surfer -   30 x 45 inch Canvas

This is Banyan surfer from the new shadow land collection. Shadow land is a collection based around the theme of shadows and silhouettes. Banyan surfer was photographed in Honolulu, where many magnificent ancient banyan trees can be seen. This picture is available as a custom print or canvas and is shown here as a 30 [...]

5 iconic surf images from the archive

Big wave surfing on the north shore.

and this image was the result of a set of about a dozen waves all at once.

Album cover for surf band – Grand Kahuna

Grand Kahuna album cover

Here’s another feather in my cap, so to speak. Canadian surf band: Grand Kahuna, just featured one of my big surf images from Waimea Bay as their album cover. Keep an eye for these guys folks, with photography this good, they are bound to go far. :) To learn more about this band, check out [...]

Surfers Path magazine features Davey Canvas Art

Hanging Canvas's

I was thumbing through the latest issue of one of my favorite surf magazines: The Surfer’s Path today when I chanced upon an editorial about my canvas art photographs, including this deluxe spread of two photos of my canvas’s hanging. This same issue features a truly amazing cover shot of Tasmanian, surfer; Marti Paradisis, photographed [...]

ALO performing tonight at the Turtle Bay Surfer bay tonight only.

ALO performing at the Alma Surf Mostra Art festival, here in Rio deJaniero.

I first got to know about this cool 4 piece band called Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO for short) from the San Francisco area back in 2007 when I toured with them as well as Matt Costa, G Love and Donavon through Brazil for the Alma Surf movie, music and art festival. I’d never heard of [...]

Gone surfing – Newport Sunrise

Newport Pier sunrise

Continuing on with my California‘n road-trip, I shot this cool image at Newport Beach this morning. I had intended to photograph the surfing into the sunrise and hopefully capture a few surfer silhouettes, however all the surfers were all on the north side of the pier so I opted instead for this simple portrait of [...]

The best heat, I ever saw surfed.

Dean Randazzo ripping at the Rip Curl Pro Bells contest  in 1996

Stepping back into the time tunnel to easter of 1996. The surf at the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach , was pretty good, but even better at nearby Winkipop. So good in fact, that they moved the event over there and the surfing was spectacular in 6-8 foot surf. Kelly Slater was already well [...]

New Surf City – canvas series

Honolulu Tsunami at

Folks, I’ve always imagined well known cities with surf in them. Of course most don’t have and we hardly ever see images of any except for the very occasional image of Honolulu or Rio. I set out to see what some of these places would look like with surf so with the help of Photoshop, [...]

More vintage surf gold from the early 80′s Tasmanian surf scene


The Aussie website: the collective has been featuring an ongoing series of pictorials of my pictures from surfingTasmania in the the early 80′s. What you could actually now call vintage surf. For those reading and remember, this latest instalment features classic Tasmanian surf breaks such as The wedge, Roaring beach, The points, Middle Bay, Lighthouse [...]