A birds eye view of the famed reef at Pipeline

Ever wondered what the reef looks like that it causes the water to propel itself upwards and outward, forming the world famous surf break that we all know as Pipeline? Wonder no more. Here in this
ariel perspective, the business end of the surf reef is clearly visible in the middle of the first frame. The reef sits at a slight angle, producing world class barrels, often in the 2 figure range. So take a good look at the reef there in image one, then check out the surfer in image 2, also called Reef (McIntosh), standing inside an absolutely perfect wave. This is THE reason that so many people want to surf pipeline. Enjoy…

2 Responses to “A birds eye view of the famed reef at Pipeline”

  1. Carin says:

    That’s nice. Interesting to read this kind of blogs. Natural aspects always have an essence.

  2. just2012just says:

    Like coral reefs.
    It’s color is beautiful.
    Also very nice.

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