About Sean Davey Photography

Sean Davey first picked up a Kodak 126 Instamatic camera after school one afternoon in late October of 1977, to photograph a tiny perfect wave at his home beach Little did he know at the time that it would develop (pardon the pun) into a lifelong obsession that would take Sean many, many places, in pursuit of his chosen craft of photography.

My first ever photograph on a Kodak Instamatic 126.

Davey's first ever photograph on a Kodak Instamatic 126.

Fast forward some 30 years and Sean is now a veteran of the surf scene.  Widely published in several countries, a career that has spawned more than a 140 magazine covers along the way.    When not in Hawaii, shooting the north shore , Sean often leads exploratory photo expeditions to many of the worlds more “out of the way”  surf zones.     An amicable character, Sean is well liked by his peers and widley respected as a creator of innovative, ocean inspired imagery.      Style is a large factor in Sean’s work and often is what sets it apart from other shooters.   Sean spends much of the Hawaiian summer,  photographing turtles , dolphins and fish , along with whatever else happens along the way.    Water is a major theme in Sean’s work and he does his best to capture it’s many different moods.

Originally from the island state of Tasmania in Australia, Sean has called Oahu’s north shore home now for well over a decade. For most who practice surf photography hawaii has always been the main drawcard during the northern winter months. The north shore surf attracts surfers from all over of the surfing world, which keeps Sean pretty busy. During the quieter summer months Sean regularly heads exploratory magazine trips to out if the way locations around the world and when he’s not doing that, you’ll often find him creating his sealife photography with the hawaii sea turtles and fish schools and underwater dolphin photos. Ocean photography has always been a dominant part of Sean’s work It’s part recreation, part work, he says, but always satisfying to do. Sean makes his imagery widely available to potential customers. Available in a wide size range of canvas prints , photo prints and T-shirts

Trigger Happy – Sean Davey Profile / Australian Surf Photographer from Tim Bonython Productions on Vimeo.

Being Trigger Happy as Sean is, he needs cards that hold all his pictures, but also offer high speed performance and are both reliable and affordable, so he chooses Transcend CF cards.

exclusively and they aren’t even paying him to tell you this. He just likes their gear. :)


Being a filmmaker and having worked alongside surf photographers for most of his life (over 30 years!) Tim decided to create a series of profiles featuring the passionate and free spirited talents of the world’s best surf photographers. Each photographer has a different story to tell. Here is Sean Davey’s profile.

Sean Davey - in his element.

Sean Davey - in his element.

The Australian Surf Photography Awards
2000: Best water shot.
2001: Best Lineup.
2001: Best Lifestyle.
2001: Best big wave surf photo.
2001: Photographer of the year.

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