Amazing Hawaii’an Petroglyphs

Hawaii'an Petroglyphs

I’ve been living here on the north shore of Oahu now for like 17 years. As you can imagine, in that amount of time, I’ve seen a lot of cool unique stuff here, especially with the north shore being such a naturally beautiful place. We get a lot of really big surf here in the winter months and maybe like every ten years, a couple of storms will come together out in the northern oceans and create a genuinely big wave event that dwarfs what we even call normal, here on the north shore. It actually takes one of these extraordinarily large storms to move all the sand from the beach in this one location, thus revealing the beautiful Hawaiian petroglyphs, located beneath.

These petroglyphs have apparently only been under covered by huge surf just twice in the last 60 years. I happened to photograph both occasions. One was about a month ago and the other was about 10 years ago. I’ve seen quite a few cool petroglyphs around Hawaii, but most are very worn down, however these ones are always covered in sand, which in turn protects them from the elements wearing away at them, so they are extraordinarily well preserved.
The very morning after I photographed them recently, they were once again covered by the sand. A very brief viewing window indeed.

This is an image that I captured back in 2004, still one of my favourite Hawaii’an shoreline images;

Hawaii'an Petroglyphs

And this one, I photographed in between waves of tourists taking selfies with their iphones, just a few weeks ago;


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  1. Christa says:

    I can’t seem to find anywhere when the petroglyphs are dated back to? When were they actually believed to have been engraved?


  2. admin says:

    I don’t know Christina, but they are the best ones that I’ve seen anywhere. They look like they were done just yesterday…

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