Barrel Swirl – triptych canvas

Barrel swirl from the incredible ocean waves collection, is presented here as a 30 x 45 inch triptych canvas with deluxe 2 inch mirror wrap edging and of course both printed and signed by Sean. Expressions of interest should be emailed to

Barrel Swirl - triptych canvas

Barrel Swirl – triptych canvas

* Footnote. Here’s a picture taken of me shooting the above image: Barrel Swirl. It was photographed by my friend and fellow water-lensman; Erik Ipple

Sean Davey shooting  "Barrel Swirl"

Sean Davey shooting “Barrel Swirl”

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  1. Michele Porter says:

    I would like to the cost of the barrel swirl 3 piece.
    This is my 2nd request.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Michele, I did get back to you on this, didn’t I?…. Feel free to email me at


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