Boats and waves don’t always go together

I just saw this new video that someone posted on facebook and it’s pretty rad’. Obviously these guys have lost power in their engine and are drifting right into the surf zone at a rapid pace. I personally have witnessed 2 very serious incidents in 10 foot surf in Tahiti.
boat disaster at Teahupoo, Tahiti, 2000
Both resulted in draw dropping pictures, one even ending up on the cover of Adventure magazine . Tahiti is extraordinary. When there is big surf, there will be literally dozens of boats sitting as close as possible to the big waves, quite often getting showered in the spray from the passing waves. It only takes a bad fuel line or a captain that’s not paying attention for just a moment and all mayhem can break lose instantaneously. There was another incident just a couple of months back that was quite serious as well, in fact it resulted in a surf photographer with spinal injuries. Bottom line folks, be careful out there. It’s a real world with equally real consequences.

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  1. What seems like an adventurous photograph at first glance, boaters riding the ‘storm’, is so filled with hidden facets it is hard not to sit and look over and over again. The danger involved first becomes clear when you look at the two passengers trying to hold on – especially the woman in back – and the loose board about to fly across the motor and be lost forever.

    An excellent composition, filled with action and surrounded by the beauty of a merciless sea.

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