My canvas tribute to the north shore

I’ve been living here on the world famous north shore  of Oahu now for almost 17 years.  I remember when I first moved here.  I had to find a house to rent when I first arrived and was amazed to pick up the top floor of a sick beach house, right at Pipe with the best angle,  looking right into the pit  It’s now known as the Oneill house  and it was only $1,250 a month back then.    I’ve heard that Oneill pays something 10-20 times the amount that I was paying to rent the place.
In these almost 17 years of living here, I’ve seen and photographed so much amazing stuff.  it truly is an inspiring place to live as a photographer.    I sometimes will be driving somewhere and have to tun around to go back and get my camera.   Actually that’s a pretty common occurence  for me.    I just can’t help being a photographer sometimes.   I’m blessed to live somewhere as beautiful as Hawaii.  If I wasn’t here, I’d most likely be  living in my homeland of  Tasmania, Australia’s southern island, also full of incredible natural beauty.




So much has changed in my time here on the north shore and yet, so much has remained the same as well. The country feel here is pretty much just as country as when I first set foot here back in 92.   All my friends have had kids and they are all growing up already. I’ve seen Jon Jon Florence grow from just a few years old to now, one of the worlds most dominant surfers.   I photographed Kelly Slater then claiming his unprecedented 6th title at  Pipeline in 98, never thinking for a moment back then that he would almost double that number of world titles.  He almost did at Pipe last year.  He won the event but fell just short of the world title.
Foodland has doubled it’s footprint over the years.   It’s also the site of the north Shore’s 1st traffic signal which was placed there about ten years ago.     I lucky to have witnessed like 6 runnings of the prestigious
Eddie Aikau big wave surfing invitational at  Waimea Bay.        In the entire 25 year history of the event, it has only run 8 times. This is because the surf needs to be at least a consistent 25 feet in size, to be able t run the event.   I’ve gone from being a full on  magazine photographer  for many of the worlds best surf mags, to running  my own fine art print business  of which I’m happy to say that I add fresh pictures to on an every other day basis.     I hand print and sign  all of my own exhibition canvas’s and premium gloss prints right here in the home studio and ship them all over the world.     If you have an interest in something, send me an email to and I’ll take care of you straight away.

Luinueno with one of my canvas art pieces.

Luinueno with one of my canvas art pieces.

* You can also view this Canvas tribute in person at Luibueno’s restaurant in Haleiwa Town along with a dozen others of my large Canvas art-pieces. The Mahi Mahi fish taco’s are all time!

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