Classic surf

Heavy Water moment at The Bay

Huge wave cleans up the pack at big Waimea, Jan 11th 2010

Folks, I shot this image from up on the hill at Pupukea, back on Jan’ 11th, this year. I could scarcely believe my eyes when this went down. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the entire pack get cleaned up at The Bay before. There was one particular individual who caught my attention as this […]

Classic surf shot – Stuart “Daff” Cadden

Stuart "Daff" Cadden perfectly slotted somewhere, I'd rather not tell you about...

I just posted this classic surf shot of Stuart “Daff” Cadden, in response to an on line coverstion with my mate Bill Morris, who claims that “Daff” had the best pigdog style of any surfer at the time and I’m inclined to agree. Check him out right here… yew!

That’s Golden!

Bruce Irons - Golden air

Another epic surf picture from past Hawaiian surf seasons, this one is of Bruce Irons boosting a massive aerial maneuver at Backdoor. Although as a surf photographer, I contribute to it, I’ve always been somewhat repelled by the rampant commercialism of surfing and so have always given preference to the light over the surfer as […]

Si Milosky snags a true Pipe wave off the crowd

Sion Milosky snags a set wave from the pack at Pipeline.

Folks, this is classic image from a couple of years back. An awesome Nth West swell hitting the reef at Pipe, had me dialing up my buddy Josh with the helicopter. It was a totally trippy view from the heli’ hovering directly overhead while these mean set waves pushed in over the reef and sending […]

More Tasmanian point-break goodness

Sterls, pausing to take in the beauty of a classic Tassy point break.

Been a lot of banter going back and forth these past few days about our beloved Tasmanian point breaks. We actually have quite a few of ’em around the place, up and down the coasts and particularly on bigger swells, a lot of ’em just kind of pop up, waiting for someone to come along […]

Dream session in Tasmania

southern comfort, somewhere in Tasmania

Folks, I posted an image on my Facebook page yesterday that frankly generated a little bit of excitement as well as a healthy dose of skepticism due to the fact that the waves looked so perfect and nobody was surfing in the picture. Here, I present you a picture from the following day and everybody […]

Ever wondered what it would be like to surf like Pancho Sullivan at Sunset beach?

Go Pro view of Pancho Sullivan surfing at Sunset Beach.

Pro surfer Pancho Sullivan is a long time friend of mine. We’ve been talking a fair bit lately about getting a camera on Pancho while he’s out in the water, so we did a practice run a couple of days ago at 5 foot Sunset point, using one of those cool new Go Pro HD […]

pic of the day: Massive surf at Waimea Bay

Huge surf at Waimea Bay on december the 7th, 2009.

Another image randomly chosen from my surf archives, this is from December the 7th, last year. Waimeawas the biggest, I’ve seen people surf it. Soon after this image, the sun went down right as a new more solid push of the swell occurred, resulting in what was said to be a dozen or so rescues. […]

Surfing towards the light

Sunrise surfing at Rocky Point.

It’s round this time of the year ( August ) that the seasons start to change and we see hints of the coming north shore swell season. This image which I entitled Towards the light was taken during a small mid year bump of swell at Rocky lefts. As you can see the sun is […]

The best unsponsored surfer in the world today

Flynn Novak, Ariel manouver on the north shore.

OK folks, I’m sure than many of you lately have seen the incredible talents of pro surfer; Flynn Novak. I’ve been watching this guy for years and he utterly blows doors. Flynn does the most incredible carving manouvers ever, but it’s his awesome ariel skills that have been getting attention lately. I’ve bee seeing Flynn […]

Genuine real-Deal Waimea Close-Out

Waimea Close-Out December 8th 2009

This my friends is the dreaded close-out set wave at Waimea Bay. Surfers in the water, dread the very idea of one coming through while they are in the lineup. The spectators of course have a whole different outlook, being safely on land and for the most part, out of harms way. No matter where […]

The TEN BIGGEST WAVES that I’ve photographed.

Carlos Burle winning the 1998 Reef at Todos in 30-40 foot surf

Over the course of my career in surf, I’ve been privey to a few landmark sessions over the years. Probably the one that really knocked people’s socks off back in 1998 was the Reef big wave paddle in contest at Todos , which still stands to this day as the biggest waves ever for a […]

Ultimate Road trip-surf car.

Aussie bogan surf mobile, from the 70's

This one comes to you all courtesy of my good buddyJeremy Curtain on King Island. He’s been the proud owner of many a Classic Surf Vehicles over the years, but none quite as impressive as this beast, an early 70’s Holden with a big block V8 chevy engine under the hood and some ridiculously fat […]

Ltd edition prints of 9 X world surfing champion: Kelly Slater

Ltd edition of kelly Slater at the 2009 eddie Aikau big wave invitational

Folks, my long time friend; pro surfer Pancho Sullivan , right here on the north shore just added a 3rd child to his growing family, another daughter known as kehau. kehau was born with a congenital heart defect and although Pancho has the best health insurance that he can get, the costs are still massive, […]

The Steamroller

I was looking at some pictures from December’s epic Waimea sessions and this image grabbed my eye. I’ve decided to name the print simply as Steamroller. It was just like a steamroller in that it flattened everything that was in it’s path. These were the biggest waves that I’ve seen people surf at Waimea Bay […]

Giants fail to deter surfers in quest for perfection

Flynn Novak surfing in the land of the giants.

Uh Oh! I’m starting to have flashbacks to that old TV show “Land of the Giants”, but man, the waves are soooooo good, that no one even cared aout the giant dudes.

A perfect dreamy surfing moment

I just wanted to revisit this beautiful dreamy surf moment from a couple of days ago, when there was no wind and it was perfectly blue over the sandbars. Just a total dream session for anyone who was out there for sure. I’ve just added this image to the surf section on my print site. […]

YLS mag features Davey Photography

I’ve been working behind the scenes for a while now with Adam over at He’s been putting out his own on- line surf mag for about a year now and I’ve helped him with the last couple of issues. This issue features some of my sequence photography of Teahupoo in Tahiti, right on the […]

Amazing Visual of the day

Have you ever wondered when you look and see all those surfers sitting there on the surface of the water; “what’s it look like under the water?” Well, this is a view of the reef at Pipeline with the surfers all sitting just feet above the reef. Based on it’s history, this is the most […]

New: “Classic Waimea” prints now at surfphotosart

I’ve added a new category to my images sets at this new one is simply entitled Waimea Bay Classics. There 58 images currently in this section and they represent some of the very best moments that I’ve photographed at Waimea over the past 15 years or so. Many of these are my favourite images. […]

Classic Davey pictorial about Waimea Bay appears on Surfline

Waimea spot check on Surfline

I’ve done some cool pictorials over the years with surfline, but none cooler than this awesome pictorial that just went on line today. It features a staggering array of amazing Waimea visuals, that I’ve photographed from over the years. So many classic moments, from Waimea close-outs, to when they built the road across the beach […]

Mick Fanning wins the world surfing championship at the Pipe masters

It was an amazing day of surfing at the Pipe Masters. Mick Fanning won his round three heat against young Hawaiian; Torrey Meister, keeping the dream alive, then the ball fell into Joel Parkinson‘s court for his matchup against Hawaiian surfer Gavin Gillette. Joel pretty much had the heat till a couple of minutes to […]

Awesome day at the Eddie Aikau big wave surfing invitational

Hi all, wow, what a few days, it has been. I slept over at the Rip Curl Off The Wall house the night before the contest because they said the roads would be closed down and I wanted to be right there, where it was all going down. The rumble of the ocean was just […]

Eddie went at Waimea Bay

Hi all, I’m super slammed here with a backlog of photo “processing” to do from the past few epic days at Waimea Bay, so I won’t dwell here long, but to say that it’s been an amazing couple of days here. I shot crazy huge Waimea yesterday morning for a few hours. It was massive […]