Davey and work

Another art show this evening at Surf Taco, Red Bank NJ.

Still on my art tour of the north east folks, I’ll be doing another showing with jay Alders this evening at Surf Taco in Red Bank, New Jersey from 6 – 9pm. If you’re in the area, come on down. we’d love to meet you and possibly send you home with some fine art Aloha […]

Take home an amazing triptych Canvas from Davey today

Fins n' palms

…..I find that it’s always cool to do something a little differently to everyone else…..

Rebel TV feature on Sean Davey photography….

This is a short feature about my work which was produced by Tim Bonython for Rebel TV enjoy (click on the link to get to the video)

Giving back to what gives me life

Canvas print: Towards the light

Folks, I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the ocean, the seaside, the beach. It’s always been my fun zone for as long as I can remember anything. I often get asked for donations to worthy causes and although I simply can’t afford to donate to every request, I do try to look after those […]

New Sean Davey art show: “Sun King” unveiled at FestivAlma -Art show in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Sean Davey's latest show: "Sun King" at FestivAlma 2011

I have long time friends at Alma Surf Magazine in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My very good friend; Romeu Andreatta, the owner of Alma Surf has a very strong appreciation for all things surf, so he puts on a huge surf art,music and film festival every year called FestivAlma. This year’s show is happening right now […]

Meet Frothers Gallery – Sydney Australia


Folks, I’m taking this opportunity to tell you about the new Frothers Gallery which is opening in Bronte Beach, Sydney very shortly. Frothers already has a web site and has been selling my prints for quite some time. My good friends Brad Malyon and Billy Morris are joining forces to bring the physical gallery to […]

Club Of The Waves focus’s on Sean Davey photography

I’m way more of an artist that a documenter.

Inside my studio

One of my pictures of Keoni in the tube.

I’m always looking to get the very best quality out of any given shooting situation.

The Surf Bus

The north shore is no stranger to tour bus’s. We see ’em all the time, but it’s not every day that you see one like this. This is the surf bus. Some friends of ours are running tours to see the surf beaches. They used a bunch of my photos to make their bus look […]

The Pipeline book by Surfline

Surfline recently published a large coffee table book, simply called “The Pipeline”. It’s an amazing 200 page package that covers everything Pipeline, ranging from the old days right through just about every major moment, ever captured there. The place has a much more colorful past than most surf destinations and it thoroughly is deserving of […]

Looking Back at “The Eddie” with Surfline.com

Looking back over the Eddie Aikau big wave surfing invitational.

surfline.com just placed on line, a new feature, looking back on the history of the Eddie Aikau big wave surfing invitational, entitled Looking Back It features a half dozen historic frames from my surfing image archive. Enjoy…

Davey currently featuring at Aurora Photos

Sean Davey Feature at Aurora Photos

One of my picture agents are the outdoor adventure specialists; Aurora Photos, based on the east coast of the U.S. I’m one of their water specialist photographers and they are currently featuring a slide show of my surf and water imagery on the features section of their website . You can click here for the […]

Here’s a cool little interview that Cohabitaire.com just ran with me

Sean Davey featuring on Cohabitaire.com

Folks, I had the website; Cohabitaire.com contact me recently, looking to interview me about my environmental photography. I like their by-line. It reads: “Urban life inspired by nature” Now that is cool. Check out my interview and a small portfolio of my images here: Cohabitaire.com interviews Sean Davey

2011 San Diego Tide Calendar features Davey image as cover

San Diego Tide Calendar for 2011

I just received a copy of the 2011 San Diego Tide Calendar in the mail yesterday. I was stoked to see that it features 3 of my images as well as the very cover as well. Of the three images, there is an underwater picture of a Hawaii’an sea turtle gliding through a school of […]

My first ever magazine cover – July 1987

My first Mag' cover - July 87

Folks, I just did an question and answer interview for a website overseas and one of the questions was about my first magazine cover, so I thought I’d share with you all as well. My first magazine cover came in the July of 1987 issue of Tracks magazine in Australia. The cover shot was a […]

Show us YOUR Davey print – Myles Miho

ykes Minho's beautiful Koa Framed print of Evan Valere at Pipeline

Folks, Myles Miho from Aiea in Honolulu, bought a massive panoramic print from me, of one of my most iconic Pipeline photographs. This image captured Evan Valere turning around the bottom of a monster set wave at huge Pipe, back in 2006. It appeared as a double page spread in Surfer magazine the following June […]

New Triptych canvas’s now available

Folks, I’ve had a lot of people asking me about Triptych prints recently. For those of you who have never heard of these, a triptych is one image printed onto 3 canvas panels. Those panels are then displayed together to show the whole picture. They are a little different to the usual way of showing […]

Parafina Magazine No 29

Parafina Magazine No 29 (storm front over Teahupoo)

Folks, I just checked out the latest issue of Parafina Magazine from brazil, this one focusing quite intensely on Tahiti in the south Pacific. I scored the cover as well as 22 double page spreads with my Tahiti images. Check it out here. .

Another magazine cover arrives

NZ Adventure Magazine Issue No 151

Folks, I just got hold of a copy of this issue of NZ Adventure magazine, from New Zealand. I guess it’s not exactly recent, but I never saw this one till now. I think my wife had picked up the post quite some time ago and this one had been living in her car for […]

Another interview, this time with photopreneur.com

Photopreneur.com - shooting the surf with Sean Davey

Folks, I just had another photography website interview me for their readers. You might find it somewhat informative. Photopreneur.comgot in touch with me a little while ago and ask me a bunch of questions about surf photography and the business side of things. Check it out…..

Sean Davey Folio in 7Sky magazine

7Sky magazine from Switzerland, cover shot of Zola Bruso

Hi folks. I just received the latest issue of 7Sky magazine from Switzerland. Right there on the cover is one of my images. It’s good to see another cover. It’s been a while. They also ran an 8 page portfolio of my work in this issue as well. Check it out….

New photo slide show: California Dreaming

Folks, my mate Nick over at GreatBigPhotos, produced this pretty cool little slide show from my California Dreaming Series. After you’ve taken a look, if you feel suitably inspired, take a mosey on over to greatbigphotos.com and check out the selection of cool panoramic images on offer. Their prints only pretty much come in a […]

Ultra high quality Canvas Gallery wraps from Sean Davey.

Aqua Curl

Another magazine cover, this one from Portugal

Kelly Slater on the cover of Surf Portugal #155

I actually had these folks at Surf Portugal contact me recently because they owed me a bunch of money. They also sent me some magazines, one of them a cover shot of mine from about 5 years ago but I only just got to see it. Just thought I’d share this story with you. Sometimes, […]