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It’s well out of season, but the north pumps anyway.

We’ve had a very unseasonal series of swell pulses here on the north shore over the past couple of weeks. This past week alone saw waves in the 2-5 foot range almost all week long although there has been a lot of backwash to contend with, due to the build up of sand on the […]

Graduation Day

Some more of my longer term readers are well aware of my beautiful wife, Lane. She regularly appears on this very site along with a multitude of other sites, usually surfing a big wave more often than not at Pipeline. The whole north shore community knows Lane as that hard core surf chick who’s been […]

Davey Canvas now showing at Fire restaurant in Cornwall, U.K.

Folks, things are moving right along with my mate Welshy over in the U.K. He just picked up a new restaurant called Fire at Mawgan Porth, near Cornwall. So next time, any of you folks in the UK are over that way, stop in and have a bit of a look, maybe make them an […]

It’s been lively round here

It really has been such a poor season overall for good surf that it was a rather pleasant surprise to see some reasonably big surf here over the past couple of days. There was a relatively small number crew out and amongst large conditions all along the north shore, 2 nights ago. The swell rose […]

The 10 best Hawaiian sea turtle pictures that I have taken.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to look back on some of the coolest under water photographs that I’ve taken of Hawaiian sea turtles over the past several years. I’ve encountered them in all kinds of interesting locations. Often, they like to hang around the rocks because it helps to give them camoflage from predators, […]

Australian Coastal Panoramas

I just returned from a month long photo-expedition to the southern and eastern areas of Australia. First up, I flew into Hobart, Tasmania and photographed the Tasman Bridge in Hobart, along with the ever amazing Coles Bay, on the east coast. Following Tasmania, I captured the beautiful natural forests of the Yarra Ranges, to the […]

“The garden”

I’ve been looking a lot further afield than my normal shooting locatons, looking for fresh new locations to shoot and I’ve been finding a couple lately. Take this morning for example. I got up in the dark, grabbed a cup o’ coffee and headed down the coast. The place that I was hoping to shoot […]

The Great Ocean Road was better than great.

I just returned from a 10 day photo trip to Victoria and Tasmania, both southern states of Australia. I managed to shoot a lot of great panoramic landscapes while I was there, despite sometimes less than favorable weather conditions. The Great Ocean Road was a great example of this. We rocked up Gibson Steps, just […]

New sequence triptych Canvas’s

Folks, I’ve been offering the triptych canvas’s for quite some time now and they have proved to be some of my top sellers. I’ve had a pretty good run, shooting pictures of waves recently and so I thought I’d take it a little differently and offer triptych canvas of wave sequences. They look pretty cool […]

Calm conditions deliver great surf-art opportunities.

Most folks who know my photography, often know how much I’ve always pursued and photographed waves. Sometimes, it’s not even the waves at all that I shoot, but maybe the foam that was left behind or a random bit of water leaping over the edge of the beach. Perhaps a shell buried in the sand. […]

Vintage surf photos by Davey at The Collective

” Things were different back then. Farmers still guarded their land with shotguns against surfers.”

Dramatic new Triptych canvas: Pipe Clouds

From the new Hawaiian seascapes 2 collection by Sean Davey, this image entitled Pipe Clouds is presented here in triptych Canvas form. Triptych canvas orders can be made at

North East Art show at Salisbury Beach, Mass, a big success.

Jay Alders and his girl Chelsea at Jays art stand, at the North East surf art and music festival.

Surf artist Jay Alders and I just finished up at the North East surf art and music festival at Salisbury beach in Massachusetts. It ran over this past weekend under glorious blue skies and balmy temperatures. Amazingly, there were thousands of people hanging out on the beach which for me was a bit of a […]

Take home an amazing triptych Canvas from Davey today

Fins n' palms

…..I find that it’s always cool to do something a little differently to everyone else…..

2011 could be an extra bad year for storms in Hawaii.

the water to Hawaii’s north is currently 7 degrees warmer than normal

There’s nothing like a roll around the shore-break, to start the day out

…my favourite thing has always been to capture the sun coming up while in the surf, itself.

A few wild rides at the bay yesterday

With all the recent news of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and meltdowns, I completely overlooked the weather forecasts and so was caught by surprise by yesterday’s big waves.

Lightning in paradise….

We had some pretty electric weather last night, up here on the north shore. Every several seconds, there’d be a volley of lightning, but unlike some past storms, it wasn’t raining right upon us, so getting a few frames off on the camera wasn’t as tricky as usual. I set it up, looking up at […]

Big Gnarly Pipe Barrel Surfing

Surfing at Backdoor, on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii

Pipeline today was much the same as yesterday, except a little smaller and not quite as many wipeouts. I love to photograph the surfers, using unconventional techniques. Take todays images, I shot them using very slow shutter speeds. Enjoy…

Photographers at the beach

Photographers at Pipeline, on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

I was shooting photos at the Backdoor Shootout yesterday at Pipeline and it was really obvious, what a huge impact the surf industry has had on the established surf photographers. I had to look really hard to see anyone I actually knew. The vast majority of shooters there, I had no idea, who they were. […]

The Annual Aloha Bowl in Hawaii

Mid time entertainment at the Aloha Bowl at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Lanes dad just visited us for Christmas here in Hawaii and while he was here, he took us to the Sheraton Aloha Bowl, which is a pretty important, annual footballmatch in Honolulu at Aloha Stadium. This year, the match was between the University of Hawaii Warriors and a team from Tulsa, Arizona. I distinctly remember […]

Some watery gems from this morning, on the north shore

The north shore has once again returned to a sleepy hamlet this morning, much like how it is in the middle of summer, however I’m sure that it will short-lived. Word was that quite a few big parties were happening at all the surf team houses last night. They were probably all sleeping it off […]

Kelly Slater | 10 world titles | Where to now?

Kelly Slater at the Pipemasters, Dec the 16th, 2010. was this Kelly's last appearance on the world tour?

I just watched Jeremy Flores convincingly come from behind in both the semi final against Kelly Slater and then against Kieren Perrow in the final of the PipeMasters, both times, needing a giant seemingly unatainable score in the dying moments of the heat and he did it both times. Top effort there from the french […]

Storm Clouds move in over the Hawaii’an islands.

Storm clouds brewing over Off The wall, this morning......

Lane and I were down at Pipeline quite early this morning expecting the worst, but the surf was actually pretty good, much like yesterday, largely missing Pipeline altogether but just being groomed into perfect waves up at Rockpile, just like yesterday. One thing different though were the ominous, very