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Career Confessions – 12 questions with Sean Davey

“What is the best piece of advice you have been given to date? Don’t spend more money on being a photographer than you’re not prepared to get back. It’s an expensive pastime and a lot of folks spend way more on it than they will ever get back.”

Surf Story 2

In an age where magazines and books are slowly being replaced by on line versions of their former selves, it’s refreshing to see some crew fighting the good fight and keeping the cream of publishing in book form. Some of you may have already seen the original Surf Story book published a few years back. […]

Ocean LIfe Phone cases

Inspiremycase.com approached a while ago and asked me to create a collection of cool under water sea-life themed images and thus, Ocean Life Phone Cases came into existence. This is the perfect way to remind yourself of why you love Hawaii so much. Check out the range of cases here at Ocean Life Phone Cases […]

More vintage surf gold from the early 80’s Tasmanian surf scene

The Aussie website: the collective has been featuring an ongoing series of pictorials of my pictures from surfingTasmania in the the early 80’s. What you could actually now call vintage surf. For those reading and remember, this latest instalment features classic Tasmanian surf breaks such as The wedge, Roaring beach, The points, Middle Bay, Lighthouse […]

Meet Frothers Gallery – Sydney Australia


Folks, I’m taking this opportunity to tell you about the new Frothers Gallery which is opening in Bronte Beach, Sydney very shortly. Frothers already has a web site and has been selling my prints for quite some time. My good friends Brad Malyon and Billy Morris are joining forces to bring the physical gallery to […]

New photo feature on surfline.com – Rocky Point

Rocky Point Spot Check at Surfline.com

Surfline is currently featuring some of my imagery in a Spot Check on Rocky point, a surf break here on the north shore, in Hawaii. This pictorial features a lot of cool different perspectives on the place and it’s people. Surfers like Pancho Sullivan, Mikala Jones, Mason and Coco Ho, Flynn Novak, Kalani ChapmanKalani Robb, […]

new: iPhone wallpapers at surfphotosart.com

We’ve just released a new series of iPhone wallpapers at surfphotosart.com Check ’em out here ….

Real fair dinkum Aussie Boxing Kangaroo and he’s mean!

I saw this a while ago, but just stumbled across it again and found it so entertaining, that I thought I’d share with you this priceless piece of Aussie culture from one of their TV talk shows Pay particular attention to the kangaroo‘s interactions with the lady in the green, then the bloke in the […]

Massive Monday pictorial on Surfline

Following on with all the excitement of the huge swells that have been belting the north shore lately; Surfline has just published another pictorial from the big swell 2 days ago, featuring a good portion of my imagery. Check it out here Aloha Sean Additional Images from Massive Monday at Waimea Bay

Classic Pipe images in latest issue of Your Local Surf

Hi all, just saw the latest issue of the on line surf magazine; Your Local Surf and they featured a fair bit of my gear in there. You should check it out here; Aloha Sean

daveys wavey gravey continues at MeSurfcomau

I’ve been getting some of my gear over to the Aussie website; mesurf.com.au lately. It’s a pretty cool site if you wanna get a feel for what’s going on in the surf scene. This site’s packed with all kinds of stuff from pictures and videos, to entertainment, to board design. Check it out.