Classic “One in a million” photograph

It was back in 2004, October the 13th, if I’m not wrong and I had just arrived at the beach to do a photo shoot with one of my favorite surfers to shoot; Flynn Novak. Straight away, I knew something was really different, then I noticed a large chunk literally missing from the sun and I recalled a story on the news, a few nights before about an upcoming Solar eclipse and realized that this was it, happening right now before me, right here at Rocky Point, on the north shore of Oahu. How cool!

I saw that Flynn was already out in the surf and getting a few good waves, so I decided to position myself so that the sun would hopefully be behind him when he performed one of his high flying
ariel maneuvers. Sure enough, the very next wave comes through and Flynn is sailing high through the air against this remarkable eclipsed sun

Flynn Novak Flynstone Flip with Solar Eclipse (real)

Flynn Novak performing an ariel maneuver against a solar eclipsed sunset on the north shore.

Actually, I think it might have been three or four in a million, because I might have actually shot a sequence of it. (ha ha) but it is just the one frame that I love to show.
So many great elements went into the culmination of this image happening. First, there was of course a beautiful Hawaiian sunset happening. Then of course, you add the fact that an extremely rare solar eclipse is occurring right at that moment. Then you add a surfer like Flynn with freakish ability to pull off crazy complicated ariel surfing maneuvers. Then just the fact that I was able to position myself on the beach, so that the sun would be behind Flynn, was a stroke of luck in itself. This truly was a rare opportunity that I managed to capture and share with the world. Enjoy!

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