Classic surf shot – Stuart “Daff” Cadden

I just posted this classic surf shot of Stuart “Daff” Cadden, in response to an on line coverstion with my mate Bill Morris, who claims that “Daff” had the best pigdog style of any surfer at the time and I’m inclined to agree. Check him out right here… yew!

Stuart "Daff" Cadden perfectly slotted somewhere, I'd rather not tell you about...

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  1. tony bear says:

    hey yeah sean mate,use to surf with daffy heaps mate,for sure he had one of the very best pigdogs ever mate…sic as….and a champion bloke to boot….
    and he use to ride for kc sunshine surfboards outa mona vale….legend…..
    do u kno where he is these days sean?luv to get in touch mate….respect …

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