Equinox moment – Walk On Water

Walk On Water

I’ve been photographing for magazines all over the world now for more than 25 years and there’s one in particular that has not only got my attention, but also captured my imagination. Not concerned with the usual fare of professional surfing and the industry fed fodder, White Horses magazine relies on a veritable army of creatives all over the world who supply enough random and diverse material to keep the magazine healthily chugging along. To add spice to the pie, creator Gra’ Murdoch put’s out a specially themed issue each year. Last year’s issue was about the fall of winter, but being based on just one day, it was hard for a lot of folks to get involved, due to inclement weather and other factors. This year’s issue is based on the equinox which just happened last thursday morning at 6.57 am. This issue allows for the 2 days preceding and the two days following the equinox this year, allowing a 4 day photography window. I covered a lot of cool photography over those 4 days, much of it, I would not have done without this assignment in the works.

Over the past week, I have been watching an island of sand building up halfway across the reef at Pipeline, the surf break. I just knew that there were some interesting pictures to be had there, so I aimed to be shooting the moment of the equinox somewhere round that sandbar. I swum out there with my camera in hand in the early morning twilight with my wife Lane, along for the shoot. I decided to stay in the water submerged while Lane ran across the sand bar towards the surf. This afforded me an ultra low down point of view which made for a very cool image. I actually shot this image about 1.5 minutes after the actual moment of the equinox. I shot many more images over those 4 days, but this one, I like the most. I call this one “Walk On Water” As with any of my artworks, you can order directly by emailing me at artroom@seandavey.com

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