Flynn Novak Bro’file

Folks, I’ve known Flynn for pretty much the whole 15 years that I’ve lived on the north shore and he seriously is the most talented surfer with the least sponsors, I’ve ever seen. The poor guy has had n extraordinarily bad run with less than quality sponsors and he’s really looking for a company home that will look after him and treat him right just like he’s going to do for them. So if you have a company and are looking for a quality sporting mascot to represent you, get in touch with him at In the meantime, here I present you a little slide show of Flynn that I just produced from some of my archives. As you will see, he is extraordinarily talented and has actually invented and named maneuvers. Google “Flynstone flip” and see what comes up.
Great guy, great surfer, just needs a great sponsor.

Flynn Novak – Bro’file from Sean Davey on Vimeo.

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