Gili Lankanfushi, a truly awesome experience.

I’ve been touring the Maldive islands for the past 10 days and seen a few different places. I’ve spent the past 4 days at Gili Lankanfushi resort just a half hour’s boat ride from the airport in Male. Let me tell you that this place is a landscape photographer’s dream come true. I see all kinds of amazing pictures, everywhere I go. It truly is an amazing place. The people here are very helpful and all seem to be genuinely happy to be working at such a great place. I have been getting up at 5am every day to catch the golden light. I just don’t want to miss an opportunity to capture the beauty of this place. Oh, did I mention the food. Wow! It’s very much up to the standard of a michelen star chef. Needless to say that the food was absolutely top notch, just like the rest of this place. Do yourself a favor and visit this place if you have the means. Gili Lankanfushi is easily the best resort, I’ve ever stayed at and just to back up my statement, I’m told that the place was voted the best resort in the world for 2011 and 2012. Thank you Iain, Craig, Momoku and all the staff at Gili Lankanfushi. We loved your island.

Aloha till next time. :)

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