Heavy Water moment at The Bay

Folks, I shot this image from up on the hill at Pupukea, back on Jan’ 11th, this year. I could scarcely believe my eyes when this went down. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the entire pack get cleaned up at The Bay before. There was one particular individual who caught my attention as this was happening. He tried to duck-dive and went for a full on ride, over with a very thick lip. One of the scariest moments, I’ve seen in surfing for sure.

Huge wave cleans up the pack at big Waimea,  Jan 11th 2010

Cleaned up at big Waimea, Jan 11th 2010

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  1. Bonnie Flach says:

    Nice use of the Norfolk island pine and the palm tree in the foreground corner – incorporating landscaping into your seascape surf photo. Wow look at all those colorful boards in that big surf. Excellent!

  2. Clark Abbey says:

    Eric Haas and I was the only surfers not to get caught. After swimming to me and leaving his board 20 yards away I told him a big set was moving in. He swam to his board as I paddled over the wave and I watched him swim to his board and push it over the lip as he dove thru the wave to meet his board on the other side. Talking about cool and calm. When things get heavy out at the Bay, Sunset or Makaha he rises above everyone and shows us how its done. Eric Haas is the heaviest surfer alive today, hands down.

    Clark Abbey

  3. admin says:

    I absolutely agree. Eric Hass is gnarly. I remember a day that only he and Mark Healey were swinging for the big sets. No one else even wanted them. So typical of the surf media not to recognise Eric. All they seem to care about these days are the guys that the advertisers are paying them to talk about…..

  4. admin says:

    Eric is gnarly. Just the kind of surfer that I really would like to read about in a surf magazine

  5. surflad says:

    Eric Haas. Don’t know him, know very little about him. Saw the film shot by Dana Brown on him. But I admire him and applaud his natural ability and desire to remain the type of individual that inspires legends. Its hard to do these days. Theres a bunch of talented surfers out there. But truly very few legends. It takes a lifetime to stand out from the crowd. Pat Curren, George Downing, Greg Noll. Ride on Eric!

  6. John Sweeney says:

    I moved to Oahu in 83 and little eric (what he was called) hung out with dino miranda,kelly boy delima at the bungalows that my buddy ivan duque lived and where I resided at the time. The day I arrived, town was flat, so we went hawaii kai sie and paddled out on razor reef at paikos, with dino and eric. It was going off with some way overd barrels. I have the moving pictures permanently on the brain of little eric picking off a perfect barrel as I was caught inside. It was the best barrel that I saw in my life up to today. He traveled what seemed like eternity super deep and right before I got pounded by the wave, he came flying out after having been baarrrelled in a crystal clear bomb. I rremember Eric as the most humble ripper ever, a real nice bruddah. Saw him one dsy at Sandys on a board smaller than a skim board, plugging barrels. Can not even imagine even paddling that craft, much less tube riding on it! Eric, you da man bruddah kine!! Much Aloha

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