Honolulu’s Ala Moana Bowls pumps!

I’ve lived here on the island of Oahu since late 1997 and the best I ever did see the waves look at Ala Moana was that very same year. That was till yesterday, June the 6th. Strong trades groomed the lineup and fanned the spray into clean plumes of water, off the back of the Sean Davey. Meanwhile a very strong southerly
swell was quite regularly focusing 8-12 foot sets of pure southern ocean power perfectly in Ala Moana bowl’s direction. Early morning proved to be a little hairy with some monster sets, apparently of mythical proportions. Widely respected board shaper and a surfer not at all scared of HUGE waves; Wade Tokoro
dawn patrolled it in the dark said he saw one wave so big, it broke way outside of both bouys. The old guys occasionally speak of these larger swells. As the tide started to fill things in around late morning, the bowl started to do it’s thing with increasing quality and size till early afternoon when things started to taper off again. Those lucky enough to be out in the lineup from late morning to early afternoon, enjoyed some very much vintage quality Ala Moana Bowls and only with a handful of locals in the lineup, for the most part. The famous surf tracking website: surfline just ran a pictorial featuring many of my images from yesterday. Check it out here; Ala Mo Bowls – June 6th

This is a Surfline feature with many of my images from yesterday.

This is a Surfline feature with many of my images from yesterday.

* Footnote. It’s been a year since my best friend Jeremy “Wire” Curtain passed away also on June the 6th. I’d like to think that you had a bit of a hand in sending us these beautiful waves

yesterday Jeremy. It was a perfect way to mark your anniversary ol’ cobbar.

Jeremy "Wire" Curtain. RIP

Jeremy “Wire” Curtain. RIP

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