Jamie Obrien’s Season Opener at Pipe

Sep 25th was quite the opening day at the Pipe. The swell had come in mighty strong the night before and ploughed out a decent amount of the sand which so often ruins the early season at Pipe. By daybreak, there were bombs to be had, all be it with weird lumps and double ups thrown in for good measure. Just before the sun popped it’s head over the hill, Jamie pulled into one mighty deep, intense pit and made it back out by the ultra slimmest of margins. Pretty amazing ride for anyone, let alone your first wave of the season, after only just paddling out. Siiiiiiiiick!

2 Responses to “Jamie Obrien’s Season Opener at Pipe”

  1. DocWalker says:

    Super video. I have been a fan of Jamies since seeing him in Vincents movie. You caught a once in a lifetime run perfectly. I just wish that I could have been there. :-) Keep up the good work.

  2. jay alders says:

    EPIC!! Im a tad bit jealous not to be there

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