Kelly Slater add’s another 1 to his 10, to make it 11 world titles.

I used to wish I could have stood on the beach and seen the legendary surf sessions that happened at Off The Wall, back in the late 70’s with legends like Gerry Lopez, Mark Richards, Shaun Thompson, Buttons and more.
Of course, had I actually been there, I’d be another 10 years older most likely, so I’m happy with the status quo. After all, I’ve been lucky enough to bear witness to Kelly Slater‘s entire amazing career on the world tour.

I first photographed as a teenager in 1992 after he just won the very prestigious pro junior event at Narrabeen, in Sydney, Australia. The first non Australian to do so actually. He went on to win the world title in 1993 and just yesterday, he added world title No 11 to his tally. Now almost 20 years later, he’s lost the hair, but his will to win continues to make him a strong presence on the world surfing tour. I’ve seen Kelly surf at a multitude of places over the years and he just about always seems to blow minds. It’s uncanny how good he really is, not to mention, his knowledge of surfboard design. This man is undoubtably one of the greatest athletes of all time. As for next year, I think the lure of a tidy dozen might bring Kelly back for another tour around the planet. Speaking of dozen’s, here are a dozen of my favorite pictures of Kelly from over the years.
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