Liberty Surf in New York City.

I produced an image a few years ago which as my tribute to New York City. I entitled this picture: Liberty Surf which pretty much visually sums up the image up as well as the general spirit of the image. Canvas enlargements of this picture can be ordered directly by sending an email to Make sure to mention the name of the image in your correspondence.



4 Responses to “Liberty Surf in New York City.”

  1. rex dubiel says:

    That shot of the Statue of Liberty and the wave and the colors—–exquisite!!
    Aloha, Rex Dubiel

  2. gregR says:

    Perfect shot… but wait ! Where do this swell comes from ?

  3. admin says:

    The swell comes from Winkipop, next to Bells Beach in Australia, then reversed and added to the Statue of Liberty in photoshop. It was part of a project that I was asked to make some “Builds” for a few years ago.

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