“Lucky, we live Hawaii”

As I’ve been transitioning away from the surf industry over the past couple of years, I’ve been wandering further afield from the north shore all the time, in my quest for new and different imagery. There’s been way less emphasis on surf and a lot more importance on photographing the beautiful nature of this place. My quest for fresh imagery has taken me way down the east side almost to the bottom of the island to a sleepy little beach
which has somehow managed to be voted the best beach in the USA twice. The weather can be fickle on the east side of the island due to it being the windward side, so I tried to find a local webcam so I could see if it was sunny at least. There are numerous Lanikai cam links on the web that all seem to link to the same picture of Lanikai. The funny thing is that the weather looks just about as bad as gets in this picture. Obviously the local peeps are happy to keep that link just the way it is right now. :) and I don’t blame them. It’ll help keep the crowd factor down in this modern smart phone age.
I have made the drive down a from the north shore a few times over the past couple of weeks and scored pretty decent panoramas 2 out of three of those times, so I guess I’ve done well as it can be fickle with weather and clouds, due to a mountain range which overlooks the beach. I even managed to climb that range and snap a few pano’s from up there too. There’s a lot of magic to be discovered just about anywhere in Hawaii. It’s a magically picturesque place.

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