Mick Fanning wins the world surfing championship at the Pipe masters

It was an amazing day of surfing at the Pipe Masters. Mick Fanning won his round three heat against young Hawaiian; Torrey Meister, keeping the dream alive, then the ball fell into Joel Parkinson‘s court for his matchup against Hawaiian surfer Gavin Gillette. Joel pretty much had the heat till a couple of minutes to go when Gillette caught an amazing almost perfect wave. This left Joel needing a pretty decent catch up score score. A last minute set didn’t cooperate and Joel was sent over the falls, sealing Micks world title. Had Joel gone though and Mick lost in the very next heat against fellow Coolie kid; Dean Morrison, the title would have been Joel’s. It was that close. We all feel for Joel because he doesn’t have a title yet, but Mick is a deserving hard surfing sportsman too. well done Mick. Congratulations mate.

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