Mirror wrap V’s Gallery wrap

I sometimes have folks ask me to explain what a mirror wrap canvas is, so I’ll try to explain to you here how it works. Many places that print canvas, especially those cheaper ones like Costco, do not print on the sides of the canvas. They will typically leave it white, or black or grey. Some offer gallery wrap which is where you lose some of the picture over the sides of the wrap. but I prefer the mirror wrap because you don’t lose any of the image. I simply mirror the outside 2 inches of the image and place them on the outside of the existing image and this allows for an an extra 2 inches of image for the sides, without losing any of the original frame. Not many places offer this option because it takes a bit of skill to get it right and many of them would simply waste too much canvas in failed or botched printings. I’ve always strived to not only do the job well, but to do it to the very best of my ability and let the results do the talking. So of course, I am offering the best option. Here’ are some examples of the image spilling over the sides of the canvas to create the look that is known as mirror wrap.

Sean 2 inch wrap edge

1 inch wrap

1 inch mirror wrp

2 inch mirror wrap edge

2 inch wrap on 1.5 inch bar

2 inch wrap on 1.5 inch bar