More vintage surf gold from the early 80’s Tasmanian surf scene

The Aussie website: the collective has been featuring an ongoing series of pictorials of my pictures from surfingTasmania in the the early 80’s. What you could actually now call vintage surf. For those reading and remember, this latest instalment features classic Tasmanian surf breaks such as The wedge, Roaring beach, The points, Middle Bay, Lighthouse and EagleHawk Neck. Some memorable surfers featured in this instalment are Alan Davis, Bernard Burridge, Brian and Scotty, Buzzard, Chris Boling, Maurice Ransom, Herman Tyson, Dieter Kohlmeyer and Mick Moorehead, to name several of ’em. It’s always been a pretty thriving surf scene in Tasmania for as long as I can remember. It’s a great place to be a surfer. So many awesome waves and such wild scenery. Check it out some time. It’s well worth a visit….

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