New addition to the gallery – Sand grinder

I just added this image to the collection. Entitled as “Sand Grinder”, I photographed this image after several weeks of very little swell. Anyone who knows the north shore can attest to how quickly the sand builds up on all the beaches. Shooting at Pipeline on this morning, I was astounded at how much empty beach there was, so I wandered down that way to get a different view of the Pipe. The beach had formed a kind of a large shallow bowl, several hundred yards wide, so I just positioned myself down in the deeper part, so that I could get this unusual perspective with the huge amount of sand visible in the foreground. That wave was a solid ten feet, the one behind it, even larger. I’ve always enjoyed shooting empties (empty waves). My first photo was an empty wave, back on the 20th of October, in 1977. I’ve always enjoyed photographing them. I particularly thrive on capturing fresh perspectives and insights, especially on any subject or scene that has been photographed and published thousands of times already. Here, I present you: Sand Grinder.

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