The North Shore in Black and White – exhibition print sales

I’m holding an Art show at the Canon gallery in Honolulu from the 2nd to the 25th of November with a reception party from 11am to 1 pm on November the 2nd. This time around, I want to do something special and one-off, so I have made the images from this show limited to no more than 50 copies of each image will be released from this series. All images will be numbered and signed AND I am pricing the prints to make it affordable for any of you to have a real signed and numbered limited edition print. No more 2, 3 and $400 show prints. From now, you’ll be able to get a unique limited edition print at a fabulous price that won’t break the bank. My intention is simple. I want to see more of my work out there in your hands. I hope this gesture translates to you all being able to afford one or more of my prints.
Unframed 11 x 14 inch prints, signed and numbered: $90.00 plus $8 p,h&i in the U.S.
plus $25 ph&i international

Framed (only for Oahu residents) $200.00 plus $15 p,h&i

(I’m not offering framed prints outside of Oahu, due to excessive shipping expenses.)

Please address all print enquiries to:

For all print enquiries, send an email to:

2 Responses to “The North Shore in Black and White – exhibition print sales”

  1. Bernice Glare says:

    your site is amazing i love your images i take photos also but only for my self but it is a tru art, do you ever come to Australia or do you ever put your prints in shows over here i would love to so it in real. I hope to keep in contact

  2. admin says:

    I do make it out to Oz every year. Usually round easter, you’ll find me more than likely in Tassy or on King Island. I love those places. I’m originally from Tassy, myself.

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