New UNDER WATER pictorial of the NORTH SHORE

The surf forecasting website; Surfline, just featured another new pictorial of my images as part of their ongoing “6 weeks on the north shore” features. In this pictorial, I’ve focused entirely on what’s going on under water around the north shore. Here, you’ll find out what Pipeline’s reef looks like from up close and personal, There’s Mark Healey diving into the fish schools at Waimea, numerous under water surf shots, even one of the legend; Herbie Fletcher hanging five, a cool body surfing picture, some always cool dolphins, even a wave made of fish. To see the pictorial at Surfline, click here: Through the Looking Glass and if you want to be the one to give a cool present this Christmas, all of these images are available as custom photo prints or canvas wraps. Just send an email to: for more info or log on to my print site at



"Through the looking glass" with Sean Davey

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