Pipe Masters runs another half day before holding off for the big stuff

It’s been a couple of days of the Pipe Masters already, but everyone’s is in such a daze after the recent Giant swell episode that the appeal of the Pipe Masters is not as it usually would be. Given that it’s only 3-5 foot on average, doesn’t help with one’s enthusiasm that much. We are all like a bunch of over-fed relatives on thanksgiving afternoon. I checked it yesterday morning and flagged it because I’m snowed in at the office with catching up on photo “processing” Again I scoped it this morning and shot a heat or 2 from the Rockpile end of the beach, just to give a different look to it. Most of these are free surfers, but a few of them are heats in the Pipemasters. We are expecting a healthy rise to the size of the waves tomorrow, so I might have some excitement to report to you tomorrow, given that there is a world title race on the line at the moment as well. Stay tuned….



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