Pipe shines with an all star crew

As many Pipe specialists will tell you; It’s been a great season unless riding the Pipe is your gig. If that’s the case, this has been probably the most frustrating of seasons for the Pipe surfer. We’ve had pumping swellpretty much since late August and the only real Sept 25th, last year. Yeah, it’s seriously been that long. So meanwhile the north shore has been pumping all season like never before, but with the swell came tons and tons of sand which has just filled in all the way between Rocky Pointand Pipeline. The upside is that there’s fun bodysurfing sessions to be had all over the place when the sand’s in, but Pipe devotees like my wife Lane, have been watching and waiting ever so patiently. Anyhow, getting back to this morning and it pretty much looked like we had out first Pipe day in quite a while. The sand bar is still there which makes for difficult paddle outs and stuff, but the Pipe was doing it’s thing today. Here’s a few pictures from this morning’s session.

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