Pipeline Lagoon pumping

I was up early this morning to check out the new pulse of swell. There was hardly anyone anywhere. A few random tourists and the usual but where were all the surfers?… It didn’t really bother me though, I just slipped into Daveys Wavey Gravy mode and took pictures of the waves in the lagoon. Yep there’s a huge lagoon on the beach right now and every now and then, you’ll get a wave come up over the berm and throw a bunch of swell linesacross the lagoon. I got thinking about the angle and I thought that this might well be the first south direction wave ever photographed at the Pipeline. Interesting thought…..

South Swell at Pipeline beach

South Swell at Pipeline beach

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  1. leilani says:

    =) Its been there every winter since i can remember! LOL.. my daughter and i love this little piece of the pipe.. thank you sean!@

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