Redondo Pier in LA has a cool surf beach

On the last morning of my recent Californian road trip, we checked out Redondo pier in Los Angeles county in the early morning twilight , before I headed off back to Hawaiion the 9.40 am flight. I’d photographed piers all the way up and down the so cal and central Cal coasts, but never saw anything quite like this amazing place. The pier itself is in the shape of a U and unlike many piers that I’d photographed in LA county, this one actually had some pretty tasty waves rolling right under neath it. With the pier wrapping out and and around the beach, it was kind of like a really cool wave pool. Relentless 2-3 foot barrels, one after another, were rising up out of the deep water, off the back of the pier and rolling into the beach. Man, if I was a grommet living at this beach, I’d be all over this place, day and night. that brings me to the next point, I wonder if you are even allowed to surf at this beach. Much of California’s coastline has hundreds of rules of what you can and can’t do and I seriously would be surprised if it actually was allowed. I shot this cool video though folks, so do enjoy.

Footnote: Half an hour after I took this video, I was having my rude bits eyeballed by some TSA dude, hidden away in a booth, somewhere. Yep, there’s suddenly a lot less dignity to flying now.

Click here for video

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