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My latest book is entitled “This Is King Island”

It is a 120 page hard or soft cover coffee Table book, depending on your taste. I totally recommend the wrap Around covers. The book features many of the best images from some 15 visits to the island that I have made since 1992. My first 2 books were commercial publishings, but this one, I chose to “self publish”. A lot of people had asked when I would do a book on the island, so I decided to do publish the book as a tribute to the island and it’s people. This wasn’t meant to be so much of a commercial venture, but it turned out o be be my best book yet and has sold quite well too. You can see a full preview of the whole book here;

This Is King Island


Oceans was my first published book in 2000. Around 100 pages, it featured many of my then best images of waves and surf lineups from around the world. Although the book is out of print, there’s still quite a few copies to be found on Amazon, if you want to track one down. Simply click on the book cover to go there….



In 2003, Fotografius da Alma came about as a collaboration with my very good Brazilian friend Romeu Andreatta, who publishes Alma Surf Magazine in Brazil. He’s always been a very ardent fan of my photography and he produced this book called “Fotografius da Alma” which means “Pictures from the soul”.
I have since travelled to Brasil twice to participate in the Alma Surf Mostra Art, music and film awards and I will be attending next year’s show as well.
This book sold out entirely on it’s first print run, so as far as I’m aware, there are no copies available at this time.

Alma Surf Magazine