Davey’s Wave Sculptures – DVD

I recently released a new DVD featuring hundreds of my best images of
Ocean waves or as I like to call them ocean wave sculptures

Way back in 1977, I squeezed off my first photograph which in itself was an ocean wave. Since then, I’ve photographed perhaps hundreds’s of thousands of images, but I’ve always continued to photograph the ocean waves. I’ve had numerous people ask me over the years to produce a DVD of my images and after someone again asked me recently, I decided to go for it. This DVD features 4 music tracks by Australian musician; Red Whyte played against a never ending array of amazing wave images from all over the world. The disc also contains a bonus section featuring another 5 music tracks by Red Whyte set against images of King Island in Australia. For more information on Red, go to redwhyte.com

The DVD can be purchased directly from Sean for $20 plus $5 postage in the US. ($10 postage for orders outside of USA)
Send all to enquiries via email to info@seandavey.com