Sean Davey art show: “Sun King”

Folks, my latest show entitled Sun King was a big success down at FestivAlma in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a month ago and now, I’m making images from the show available to people everywhere. All images are available as Canvas Gallery wraps in the three following sizes by simply emailing me direct at

Print size________________rolled______________Stretched (ready to hang)

16 x 24 inches___________$340.00____________$420.00

20 x 30 inches___________$390.00____________$470.00

36 x 54 inches___________$980.00___________$1,140.00

By purchasing a canvas directly from me, you’ll be ensuring that the print meets the absolute highest standards that I subject all my prints to and I personally sign all prints that leave my studio. To learn more about the quality of my canvas prints, watch this enlightening interview with Epson America.


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  1. shayne.clark says:

    Hi Sean. Loved your Epson interview…what a slick salesman….the conversation is so good and convincing. I am impressed by the look of your canvas prints and would like to make you a swap offer….. some old surf movie posters for a canvas print????? Lets talk.
    Shayne Clark

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