Sean Davey now on Instagram

There has been a seemingly endless number of social network startups and frankly it’s gotten well beyond the point of total overkill, but there is one very cool crew that I checked out a little while back and just totally dug on straight away. Unlike Facebook and others, Instagram’s more about sharing pictures and not so much about dialogue, so it is kind of a bit ironic that Facebook just bought them.

Instagram is just about the most convenient and efficient way I’ve seen for scoping out (and sharing) random pictures on the web, when you are just kicking it for a few minutes, here and there, throughout the day. I like it a lot. I urge you to check out my either on the iphone by downloading instagram from the apps store (it’s free) and then simply looking up sean_davey or going to the web browser page: and follow it. I only post my coolest, most interesting imagery here. All the good stuff, you know, like under water pictures, ocean waves, Sealife, beach, tropical images, silhouettes, surfing and so much more. Aloha!

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