September reveals beautiful moments from the sea

September is traditionally a quiet month. It’s right on the very end of the summer doldrums and sitting right in the pathway of the first big winter storms that bounce off Japan, and usually drop down on top of Hawaii. It hasn’t really happened just yet this year except for a couple of very short-lived medium sized episodes. Conditions however have been quite remarkable for producing the “alternate views”. Here’s handful of images from the alternate universe, over the past couple of weeks. If you want one of these as a cool print enlargement or canvas wrap, send me an email at and tell me what image you like and what you’d like to order from it. I print all orders in house and sign everything before it leaves. All prints and canvas are wrapped in large luxurious sheets of tissue paper to protect them while in transit. Most orders arrive within a week of ordering, but slight delays might be possible as the holidays approach.

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  1. Jon says:

    Wow, those are some incredible waves!

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