Sunset Surfers

Sunset Surfers

From the iconic Shadowland collection, this is Sunset Surfers. An image which I photographed at Sunset Beach in Hawaii of two surfers. The dogs in the picture were just a happy coincidence. I was shooting this image with a 600mm lens and a 2 x converter. This helped to make the sun appear much bigger in the frame.

Like much of my work, this is typically available as a custom print or canvas to pretty much any size that you require, up to a maximum of 38 x 90 inches on single pieces.

I print and sign my own prints and canvas right here in the home studio and I only use archival quality canvas and inks from Epson to ensure that my artworks remain around for a long time. Please send all art enquiries to and I’ll return your message asap.


* click here to go to the big picture for sale: Sunset Surfers

* Note, discounts available on multiple orders. 2 pieces = 20% off, 3 pieces = 30% off

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